The Crazy Future Of Automated Delivery Services

The world of delivery is continuously changing and producing new technologies that will revolutionize the way that our products are delivered to us on our doorsteps. At this point it can be difficult to understand completely where the future of delivery is headed, however; a huge number of companies are constantly looking to try out new strategies and technologies to help streamline their driver delivery apps.

Even today, quite a few companies such as Ocado and Uber have been exploring different ways to use driverless cars to control delivery. This technique is impressive but is not as reliable as an app for delivery driver.

In this article you’ll can take a look at the future of delivery websites to see where the yet to come delivery options lie and move beyond standard delivery options and driver deliver apps. Without any further ado, let’s dive in and talk about the technologies that are set on to revolutionizing the delivery app jobs provided by standard delivery.

  • Drone Delivery

One of the major advancements made in the genre of driver delivery app is the use of drone to deliver parcels. Companies such as Amazon Air are now looking forward to having their parcels delivered using this new service; they are looking forward to improving the reliability of this service as well as the speed at which this new technology deliver packages.

Even though there are certain restrictions with this technology such as the amount of space available for the drone to land properly, carrying lightweight products, they can only fly properly in good weather conditions, delivery has to be done by daylight, and you will have to live within the range of an Amazon store. Nonetheless, this delivery service can be the start of something very new and different; all you’ll have to do is log on to your app for delivery driver and get a drone to deliver your products within minutes.

  • New Cargo Delivery System

This complicated vision is nicknamed “The Vision Van” and was presented by Mercedes in January. The idea behind The Vision Van is to reduce the time that sorting out the packages take and instead focuses on delivering the packages, organizing them and preparing these packages for manual deliver on time.

This delivery van will be controlled using a joystick and will be powered by electricity. However, this is not all; this van will also contain two drones along with it that will help deliver different parcels through air as well. Instead of downloading a driver delivery app for standard delivery you can get an automated van along with a drone.

  • The Mole

Even with drones and automated vans, the most mind-blowing system that leaves behind driver delivery app is “The Mole.” This is a concept that has been developed in United Kingdom, and this concept relies entirely on a network of underground pipelines and the Royal Mail system. This concept will help you to avoid any kind of traffic and is designed to help deliver a large number of products to suppliers and businesses without being late.

If this concept becomes successful, then you will not only be able to save your cost but also sidestep problems such as traffic congestion.

With robots coming on the road very soon and driverless cars being able to dominate the traffic along with underground mailing system to help deliver products to your doors; technology is surely moving forward and providing us with a future for delivery. Even though it is highly unlikely that any of these technologies will be able to make apps for delivery driver to disappear, you could one day see a need for the Royal Mail delivery system in the future.


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