Life is going amazing, you have an adorable baby now, everything seems good except for the body you have now. Watching your body expanding every single day for 9 months can be depressing but don’t worry. We can get you rid of it now, so get off from the bed and follow the tips to get your slim and smart pre-baby body. 

Wait it out 

The only thing that is going to tempt you for your old body is your first look on your body, but don’t attempt anything right after you leave the hospital. In some cases, women can do exercise after one or two weeks of giving birth but do concern your doctor before implying anything. Having a baby isn’t a piece of cake, so don’t expect your body to heal the next day after your baby’s birth.  


Breastfeeding is really healthy for the baby. It provides the newborn tons of nutrients and boosts the baby’s immune system. One benefits of breastfeeding which isn’t much famous are that breastfeeding cuts the size of your belly faster. It allows you to have 300 calories every day and it also contracts the uterus and brings it back to its usual size faster than without breastfeeding.  

Do cardio 

Solution to getting rid of the weight you put on after the baby’s birth is to burn as many calories as you can (after concerning with your doctor). Do walk, push a stroller or dance with your baby in your arms around the house. Make sure to keep moving and get your heart rate high. 

Stomach crunches 

To get back your older slim body, you will need to do some serious struggle and crunches. Begin with 10 crunches. They may sound easy but when you will get to know how weak your body is. Keep 10 crunches for days and when you feel that it’s easy to do those, start doing sets of 20 crunches every day. 

Drink water 

Staying hydrated is really essential for a mother who just delivered the baby. Drinking a lot of water keeps you going the whole day and it increases your metabolism speed. It makes you feel less hungry so you don’t eat much and lose weight. Keep a water bottle with you so you drink even without thinking.  


The new mommies aren’t much caring about their health, and they don’t sleep properly which causes weight put on. Do not sacrifice your sleep at any cost, you need more sleep as you got to handle the baby. Ask your husband to help you with the baby at least on the weekends. 

Eat right 

Mommies of new era think that dieting can help you get your shape back. DO NOT DIET, I repeat do not. Your body needs a lot of nutrition so it can heal quicker. Eat properly as you need to breastfeed too. And taking care of your growing baby isn’t an easy job. Eat lean meat, whole grains, fruits, and veggies, just avoid fats and you are good. 


It will take patience and efforts to get your body back. While doing crunches you will need personal trainer app for telling you how to manage your workouts and fitness apps that help you with your fitness.