Chocolate Diamond® Engagement Rings: Cheap Rocks or a Romantic Gesture?

From a classic diamond solitaire to contemporary ring designs, engagement rings have been unparalleled in the world of romance for decades. An engagement ring makes your expression of commitment to your significant other easy and classy and stays as a memorable gift way for a long time.

Chocolate Diamonds® Being Used As Rings

Engagement rings are mostly made of diamonds. Diamonds get their color through their formation process. Depending on the element that gets pulled into the structure of carbon you could have blue hues, green appearances or even specks of brown reflections. Amidst the rainbow of colors diamonds come in, there is the Chocolate Diamond®. This was traditionally used for industrial purposes since it was considered to be cheap and low quality.

Nowadays, Chocolate Diamonds® are being used in jewelry, more specifically engagement rings. Sourcing from the Argyle Mine Chocolate Diamond® rings have replaced the traditional wedding rings that cost so much money. Le Vian has managed to market these diamonds to make a new category of wedding rings.

Are These Engagement Rings Cheap?

These Chocolate Diamond® engagement rings can be bought in rich color with the excellent clarity that a normal diamond tends to have. In fact, there are high-quality brown diamonds available that sparkle and shine just as a normal colorless diamond would. These rings make very desirable engagement rings at a reasonable price. It is, however, better to be careful when purchasing these. Commonly known as ‘cheap rocks’, the Chocolate Diamond® engagement ring you’re interested in can be a bad decision. Despite its growing popularity the diamonds can be of low quality and overpriced.

The Distinction of the Rings

This rarity of Chocolate Diamonds® makes the Chocolate Diamond® engagement rings a much more desirable purchase. Thus, only top range quality is picked for these engagement rings, so that the expression of your love for your partner is long lasting and stunning to boot. The diamonds you can choose to be on the ring all have their own distinctions. They follow the D-to-Z diamond color grading scale developed by the GIA. Faint brown, light brown, and very light brown are the categories that they usually fall under. The distinctions then decide the pricing of the Chocolate Diamond® ring. Brown diamonds on the D-to-Z scale will generally sell for prices that are less than similarly graded diamonds without the brown color. Beyond this scale, the diamonds may be categorized as Fancy Light, Fancy, Fancy Intense, Fancy Dark, Fancy Deep, etc.

An Idea to Invest

No matter what type of Chocolate Diamond® ring you choose, it will become an investment. It can be passed down as an heirloom, it can be resold for profit or it could stay on your partner as a romantic gesture. The Natural Color Diamond Association (NCDIA) and Gemological Institute of America (GIA) have stated that natural fancy color diamonds such as these are very rare.  One out of every ten thousand diamonds mined is of this color, making them less common than public perception dictates.