How Does Fluorescence Affect The Look Of A Diamond?

The element of light, is an essential quality of vision. Because of light, we are able to see the physical world. Without photons (light particles), the features of color, shape, depth and other precise details of the physical world, would be invisible to the human eye. Consider your eyes as photon receivers, in which is converted into pieces of information that draws an illusion in your mind to display what is present in front of you or what your eyes is looking at. That is how light is associated to our daily lives, with or without you knowing about it.

In the business world, such optical illusions can be utilized to entice the marketing strategies, which can increase the possibilities of a sale to occur. Professionals from around the world, whom are in the diamond business, knows that there are a few things they can do to make their diamonds look expensive, rare and desirable. In most cases, the association of silver is commonly placed on a black-backdrop and the element of gold is best placed on a white-silky polyester fabric with red-velvet bearer cases.

Simple hacks like laying a polished diamond on a small-jet-black-velvet pillow, under a spot light sets as an “eye-catcher”. Below are a few examples of what some famous jewelers often use as marketing tactics;

A perfect explanation has been summarized by Lumera, whom explains the mysterious wonders of how the fluorescence of a diamond effects the look and the features of the precious gem itself.

Diamonds are crystalline elements in which are formed from tremendous amount of pressure, heat, other natural ingredients, from overtime. During the formation of a diamond, some ingredients like coal and other natural ingredients from the soil is absorbed, causing crystallization. Between these crystal formations within a diamond, are empty spaces or gaps. Meaning that there isn’t anything there. Which is also the main reason why diamonds look to have a very deep depth when observed under a light-source. However, some diamonds act very funny when ultra-violet light enters the diamonds dimensions. We all know that clarity is a very vital factor. The clearer the diamond is, the more the light will be able to bypass through the diamond. The more the light passes, the more the light will reflect, giving it its brilliance. You may have noticed that sometimes diamonds appear to glow even in the dark. That is because even the slightest photon that enters the diamonds structure is reflected, that is why you can see a diamond twinkle in the dark –like a star in the mid-night sky. What is also strange is that, the fluorescence itself is a characteristic or a feature in which only some diamonds have.

A diamond with more space, tends to have the characteristics of fluorescence within its crystalline structure. Therefore it will glow more than those diamonds that do not have much fluorescence abilities within the crystals. Below is a picture of what a fluorescence diamond looks like under a UV light source;

(Images Accredited by: Lumera Diamonds)

As per to the observations, it would appear as though the chocolate diamonds have the ability to capture-light! Diamonds that glow under the UV light source tends to resemble a milky or oily look to its inner structures, as if all the crystals are trying to merge into a single solid!

However, another strange thing is that, as many people would add value to such ability, some people view the florescence capabilities as a defect formation within the diamonds crystals.

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