Why You Should Buy Chocolate Diamond® Jewelry as an Investment

Many believe that investing diamonds should be alternative investments and not a main concern. This is because diamonds are considered to be physical commodities. However, as a result of a very successful 20th century marketing campaign by De Beers, diamonds are now being bought as investments more than ever.

The value of these diamonds is based on individual gem quality, which tends to complicate the buying process. Despite the economic factors that endanger their value, diamonds are still thought of as great investments. Chocolate Diamonds® are a type of good quality diamonds that can be bought as investments in the form of jewelry.

There are a number of reasons why Chocolate Diamond® jewelry should be bought and used as investment opportunities.

Long Term Certainty

Buying Chocolate Diamond® jewelry means investing in its intrinsic value. This way the investment will not be exposed to hyperinflation or valuation. The Chocolate Diamonds® help to opt for long term security, and will have added value in the form of jewels. Furthermore, the next buyer will pay a lot more money for the emotional value of an aesthetic jewel, like an engagement ring.

Something in Your Hand

A Chocolate Diamond® investment can be put into practical use easily. Wearing Chocolate Diamond® jewelry can increase it value and it makes it more tangible. It has proven to be an investment that is in your hand. You can view it and handle it yourself because it is more personal, which makes the idea a lucrative one.

A Non-Conventional Backup

When you buy Chocolate Diamond® jewelry it bodes much better than any conventional investments you might have in mind. Since it is a stable investment there is also less risks than with stocks. The diamond is on a steady rise and so there is no fear of the value plummeting and leading to a loss.

No Additional Costs

Investing in Chocolate Diamond® jewelry results in almost no additional costs. They are easy to keep safe through insurance, and act as a savings account in the long run. The guaranteed profit is an adding positive factor into almost no additional expenditures.

Diamonds Are Exhaustible

It is no secret that diamonds cannot be mined forever. It will soon become financially, physically and geologically impossible to continue digging in the mines for Chocolate Diamonds®. This lack of resources will ultimately only increase the value of any diamonds you invest.  Thus, these chocolate gemstones are well resistant to inflation and market collapses.


In addition to the above, the durability of these Chocolate Diamonds® has made sure that buying them as an investment is one of the safest possible investment purchases. There is a reason that “diamonds are forever” is a popular slogan. Chocolate Diamonds® can withstand wear, heat, and chemicals. The jewelry will thus retain the stability of the stones for a long time.

How to Buy Chocolate Diamond®s

To buy Chocolate Diamond® jewelry quickly, an expert from the GIA should first be consulted for assurance. This certified individual will look at the carat, clarity and cut of the Chocolate Diamond® jewels for assessment. When the time of reselling comes, all your transactions can easily be dealt with online.

Chocolate Diamond® Engagement Rings: Cheap Rocks or a Romantic Gesture?

From a classic diamond solitaire to contemporary ring designs, engagement rings have been unparalleled in the world of romance for decades. An engagement ring makes your expression of commitment to your significant other easy and classy and stays as a memorable gift way for a long time.

Chocolate Diamonds® Being Used As Rings

Engagement rings are mostly made of diamonds. Diamonds get their color through their formation process. Depending on the element that gets pulled into the structure of carbon you could have blue hues, green appearances or even specks of brown reflections. Amidst the rainbow of colors diamonds come in, there is the Chocolate Diamond®. This was traditionally used for industrial purposes since it was considered to be cheap and low quality.

Nowadays, Chocolate Diamonds® are being used in jewelry, more specifically engagement rings. Sourcing from the Argyle Mine Chocolate Diamond® rings have replaced the traditional wedding rings that cost so much money. Le Vian has managed to market these diamonds to make a new category of wedding rings.

Are These Engagement Rings Cheap?

These Chocolate Diamond® engagement rings can be bought in rich color with the excellent clarity that a normal diamond tends to have. In fact, there are high-quality brown diamonds available that sparkle and shine just as a normal colorless diamond would. These rings make very desirable engagement rings at a reasonable price. It is, however, better to be careful when purchasing these. Commonly known as ‘cheap rocks’, the Chocolate Diamond® engagement ring you’re interested in can be a bad decision. Despite its growing popularity the diamonds can be of low quality and overpriced.

The Distinction of the Rings

This rarity of Chocolate Diamonds® makes the Chocolate Diamond® engagement rings a much more desirable purchase. Thus, only top range quality is picked for these engagement rings, so that the expression of your love for your partner is long lasting and stunning to boot. The diamonds you can choose to be on the ring all have their own distinctions. They follow the D-to-Z diamond color grading scale developed by the GIA. Faint brown, light brown, and very light brown are the categories that they usually fall under. The distinctions then decide the pricing of the Chocolate Diamond® ring. Brown diamonds on the D-to-Z scale will generally sell for prices that are less than similarly graded diamonds without the brown color. Beyond this scale, the diamonds may be categorized as Fancy Light, Fancy, Fancy Intense, Fancy Dark, Fancy Deep, etc.

An Idea to Invest

No matter what type of Chocolate Diamond® ring you choose, it will become an investment. It can be passed down as an heirloom, it can be resold for profit or it could stay on your partner as a romantic gesture. The Natural Color Diamond Association (NCDIA) and Gemological Institute of America (GIA) have stated that natural fancy color diamonds such as these are very rare.  One out of every ten thousand diamonds mined is of this color, making them less common than public perception dictates.


An integral part of search engine optimization is website analysis, the key purpose of SEO is to rank your website up on the Google and other renowned search engines. SEO experts follow set of steps to increase ranking of the website and out of all other steps analysis part is considered highly important, slow and time consuming step.

In order to make this process fast and accurate, SEO professionals have started using few SEO tools. In today’s competitive environment effective SEO tools are in demand because these tools make work of SEO professionals much easy and handy ensuring success of SEO campaigns.

Want to know which tools are effectively analyze the web? Here you are:


Be it any seo or ppc campaign, WEB CEO can manage it all. It is a comprehensive tool packed with a lot of punches. This software since beginning has received a lot of applauses mainly because of its sleek user interface. SEO is time taking process, it involves a lot of repetitive and boring tasks but with WEB CEO, you can do the job faster and better. You can raise the level of your website ranking with this effective keyword analysis tool, it give your site the success it deserves.


Another amazing software that is ruling the world of SEO industry is iBusiness promoter (IBP).  Key aim of this software is to perform three important tasks: optimization, promotion, and monitoring. There is one unique feature in this pack which is its regular updates, it helps aligning with the algorithms of the serach engine. With efficient use of this website, you can be on the top, be it any search engine.  


How can you not mention SEMrush whenever there is a discussion regarding top SEO tools?  This is one of the favorite tool often used and approved by around 500,000 SEO analysts. Reports obtained using SEM rush includes information from various fields of research such as display advertising, video advertising. Organic research, keyword research and advertising research. It is an ideal tool if you require in-depth information about your SEO Campaign.  

SEO Powersuite

One SEO software that is most talked is SEO Powersuite, it is a combination of a ton of user friendly tools. An SEO beginner can easily use this tool, no training or lot of experience is required. It is a cross-platform continuously changing as per the algorithms of the search engines. There are a number of Fortune 500 companies getting benefited from SEO Powersuite for couple of years.


Be it webpage audit, link building and analysis, keyword research, competitive intelligence or social media, SEOProfiler will help you get prime ranking on your desired search engine.  It is an ideal software for SEO professionals because it supports multi user accounts.  You get all the analysis on PDF reports.

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Life is going amazing, you have an adorable baby now, everything seems good except for the body you have now. Watching your body expanding every single day for 9 months can be depressing but don’t worry. We can get you rid of it now, so get off from the bed and follow the tips to get your slim and smart pre-baby body. 

Wait it out 

The only thing that is going to tempt you for your old body is your first look on your body, but don’t attempt anything right after you leave the hospital. In some cases, women can do exercise after one or two weeks of giving birth but do concern your doctor before implying anything. Having a baby isn’t a piece of cake, so don’t expect your body to heal the next day after your baby’s birth.  


Breastfeeding is really healthy for the baby. It provides the newborn tons of nutrients and boosts the baby’s immune system. One benefits of breastfeeding which isn’t much famous are that breastfeeding cuts the size of your belly faster. It allows you to have 300 calories every day and it also contracts the uterus and brings it back to its usual size faster than without breastfeeding.  

Do cardio 

Solution to getting rid of the weight you put on after the baby’s birth is to burn as many calories as you can (after concerning with your doctor). Do walk, push a stroller or dance with your baby in your arms around the house. Make sure to keep moving and get your heart rate high. 

Stomach crunches 

To get back your older slim body, you will need to do some serious struggle and crunches. Begin with 10 crunches. They may sound easy but when you will get to know how weak your body is. Keep 10 crunches for days and when you feel that it’s easy to do those, start doing sets of 20 crunches every day. 

Drink water 

Staying hydrated is really essential for a mother who just delivered the baby. Drinking a lot of water keeps you going the whole day and it increases your metabolism speed. It makes you feel less hungry so you don’t eat much and lose weight. Keep a water bottle with you so you drink even without thinking.  


The new mommies aren’t much caring about their health, and they don’t sleep properly which causes weight put on. Do not sacrifice your sleep at any cost, you need more sleep as you got to handle the baby. Ask your husband to help you with the baby at least on the weekends. 

Eat right 

Mommies of new era think that dieting can help you get your shape back. DO NOT DIET, I repeat do not. Your body needs a lot of nutrition so it can heal quicker. Eat properly as you need to breastfeed too. And taking care of your growing baby isn’t an easy job. Eat lean meat, whole grains, fruits, and veggies, just avoid fats and you are good. 


It will take patience and efforts to get your body back. While doing crunches you will need personal trainer app for telling you how to manage your workouts and fitness apps that help you with your fitness.


Engagement is one of the most important events of your life and we understand how you want the occasion to be nothing but perfect. And to make this occasion perfect, it all begins with a beautifully designed engagement ring. There are numerous different myths related to engagement rings that hold no value in reality. Let’s explore top 06 engagement ring myths to avoid during your hunt for a stunning engagement ring.

  1. The Engagement Ring Has To Be A Surprise

While it sounds lovely to surprise your girl with the proposal, it’s always a good idea to take her opinion into account. You can go and even try the rings together. This will allow you to choose a ring that your partner loves.

  • You Must Spend A Specific Percentage Of Your Salary On The Ring

The amount you want to spend on the ring should depend totally on your budget and affordability. If you overspend than what you can afford, it will put in a troubling financial condition.

  • The Engagement Ring And Wedding Band Must Match

Nowadays, wedding bands and engagement rings do not have to match necessarily. People now mix and match their favorite metals and styles on engagement and wedding. This gives their life variety and they love it.

  • Designing a Custom Ring Is Hard

While designing your own ring may be a difficult task, it is certainly not impossible. It can prove to be easy and cost-efficient if you have done your share of research and budgeting. The key is to go to the right diamond provider.

  • Round Diamonds Appear To Be The Largest

Round diamonds may shine more than other shapes, their symmetry makes them appear smaller in comparison to some other shapes of the diamond. The size of any diamond can vary significantly depending upon the shape and size of the wearer’s hand and the size of fingers. 

  • Chocolate Diamonds Are Less Valued

Probably one of the biggest myths that people hold is that chocolate diamond jewelry is any less valued than other diamonds. Chocolate diamond has become the most popular and loved type of diamonds that people simply adore because of its uniqueness and class. Chocolate diamond engagement rings are intricate, delicate and stunning and come with an affordable price tag. After being endorsed by numerous celebrities, these colored diamond rings are being worn repeatedly by women all across the world.

Colored Diamonds To Make Your Engagement Event Colorful!

Chocolate diamond wedding rings, by Le Vian corporation, are taking the market by storm with their variety of stunning designs and affordability. It has now become easier to take vows over a diamond promise with Le Vian’s beautiful chocolaty diamonds. The company has a team of expert designers who come up with spectacular designs that are bound to catch eyes. Brown diamonds bring variety to attire and style and people are loving the fresh look they create!

Do Education Apps Make Kids Brighter Or Just Busy?

There’s no denying to the fact that educational mobile apps have taken the market by storm. The idea is highly endorsed by parents who consider this a safer option for their child to learn something instead of watching useless videos. But do educational apps make kids brighter or just keep them busy?

Luckily, it does enlarge their thinking horizon and teach them things before even going to the classroom. However, the key is to choose the right educational app for your child that will make their brain sharper and teach them new things. Some parents and schools advise different learning apps to augment any topic that is already being taught at school to be practiced at home.

While there are a number of different educational mobile apps available on the app store, choosing the perfect one for your child can transform the way they look at the learning process. These educational apps are aimed at making complex topics easier for children to apprehend.

Some of stated benefits of education apps seen in students who use these learning apps are:

  • Exceeded interaction

Learning apps make kids more interactive because they become skillful in the subject matter. These apps also increase engagement between parents and school.

  • Entertainment

These learning apps make kids utilize their time in a constructive manner. They learn different important things alongside being entertained. A lot of these educational apps have games and adventures that keeps the kid engaged. Lessons that leads to games will enable a sense of interest in the learning process.

  • Modern learning techniques

These educational mobile apps are designed keeping the latest norms and learning techniques in mind. Therefore, kids do not get bored with this type of learning. Technology is best utilized this way to leverage uniqueness in the learning process for kids. Furthermore, apps add fun and involvement to the learning process via games, puzzles and other challenging tasks. These apps stimulate the brain cells to actively work in unleashing new information.

  • Individually focused learning

Some children require extra attention and apps provide them with just that. With apps, students learn at their own pace and the entire learning session is dedicated to them only. Apps allow them to keep practicing the concept until they are maestro at it with different engaging games, puzzles and videos.

  • Progress tracking

The best part of these apps is that they allow parents to keep a check on their child’s progress. Parents can gauge how/if the app is playing a part in improving their child’s cognitive skills. Some apps allow children to record their learning which parents can later check.

Summing up

Education apps do make kids brighter. Children of today requires lots of engaging activities to be able to learn something proficiently. With apps, they can not only stay ahead of everyone in the class, but they can also entertain themselves simultaneously. These apps are every parent’s favorite now because their child is dedicating the screen time to something useful.

How Does Fluorescence Affect The Look Of A Diamond?

The element of light, is an essential quality of vision. Because of light, we are able to see the physical world. Without photons (light particles), the features of color, shape, depth and other precise details of the physical world, would be invisible to the human eye. Consider your eyes as photon receivers, in which is converted into pieces of information that draws an illusion in your mind to display what is present in front of you or what your eyes is looking at. That is how light is associated to our daily lives, with or without you knowing about it.

In the business world, such optical illusions can be utilized to entice the marketing strategies, which can increase the possibilities of a sale to occur. Professionals from around the world, whom are in the diamond business, knows that there are a few things they can do to make their diamonds look expensive, rare and desirable. In most cases, the association of silver is commonly placed on a black-backdrop and the element of gold is best placed on a white-silky polyester fabric with red-velvet bearer cases.

Simple hacks like laying a polished diamond on a small-jet-black-velvet pillow, under a spot light sets as an “eye-catcher”. Below are a few examples of what some famous jewelers often use as marketing tactics;

A perfect explanation has been summarized by Lumera, whom explains the mysterious wonders of how the fluorescence of a diamond effects the look and the features of the precious gem itself.

Diamonds are crystalline elements in which are formed from tremendous amount of pressure, heat, other natural ingredients, from overtime. During the formation of a diamond, some ingredients like coal and other natural ingredients from the soil is absorbed, causing crystallization. Between these crystal formations within a diamond, are empty spaces or gaps. Meaning that there isn’t anything there. Which is also the main reason why diamonds look to have a very deep depth when observed under a light-source. However, some diamonds act very funny when ultra-violet light enters the diamonds dimensions. We all know that clarity is a very vital factor. The clearer the diamond is, the more the light will be able to bypass through the diamond. The more the light passes, the more the light will reflect, giving it its brilliance. You may have noticed that sometimes diamonds appear to glow even in the dark. That is because even the slightest photon that enters the diamonds structure is reflected, that is why you can see a diamond twinkle in the dark –like a star in the mid-night sky. What is also strange is that, the fluorescence itself is a characteristic or a feature in which only some diamonds have.

A diamond with more space, tends to have the characteristics of fluorescence within its crystalline structure. Therefore it will glow more than those diamonds that do not have much fluorescence abilities within the crystals. Below is a picture of what a fluorescence diamond looks like under a UV light source;

(Images Accredited by: Lumera Diamonds)

As per to the observations, it would appear as though the chocolate diamonds have the ability to capture-light! Diamonds that glow under the UV light source tends to resemble a milky or oily look to its inner structures, as if all the crystals are trying to merge into a single solid!

However, another strange thing is that, as many people would add value to such ability, some people view the florescence capabilities as a defect formation within the diamonds crystals.

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How Will Dating Apps Be Different In 50 Years From Now?

Dating apps (applications) have become dynamic in many different ways within the past decade and the future still looks promising with newly integrated technologies and innovated software(s) to bring about the best experience for users across the world.

Let’s just say that somehow you have stepped through a window that took you 50 years into the future, what possible changes or innovations could you expect with some of the best dating apps for relationship establishment or in social dating apps? In this post, we will be covering some of the possible futuristic features that could blossom within the first 50 years.

The First 10 Years

VR Technology Integration (Virtual reality integration in dating apps) – Firstly, if you don’t know what VR technology is, then you won’t know the possible outcome of the next 50 years in dating apps. VR technology is basically an artificial-computer projected environment in which is stimulated and created by a computer software through coding. The display is set to be life-like experience when utilizing the VR tech headwear, bringing you to believe in the state of false reality that is presented to you through the headset.

(Image Accredited by: The Conversation)

One of the possible integration for social dating apps or common dating apps is virtual reality integration. But wait, you are probably already visualizing this possibility and comparing it to Skype. What is the difference between VR and Skype, when Skype is said to be a live feed and you can talk, chat and even call a peer from across the world? Well for starters, imagine that you and your partner want to go on vacation, or just want to see what Paris looks like in real-time, with VR tech, that is possible. With VR tech, programmers can use this technology integration to mimic real-life like environments to grasp a better experience and how it would really be like if you were to actually visit that specific location. Interested folks and couples from across the globe can meet in Virtual Realities to accommodate each other during dating or simple sport activities like playing table tennis with each other and just having a wonderful time together.

To learn more about how the integration of VR tech with dating apps.

After 20 Years

In about 20 years from now, the VR tech may get an opportunity for a revamp or redesign that may include “touch or feel” abilities, bringing the dating app user to even a closer-life-like experiences.

(Accredited Image by: Wareable)

Advances within 30 Years

After a good solid 25-30 years of hard working and building the structures of adult dating apps, or social dating apps, it’s a possible that dating apps may launch sister-partnered applications that would offer wedding casting features, making it possible for people to legally get married via wedding-dating application.

Enhanced Sexual-Features in dating apps, 40 years From Now

Sex toys have been around for a long time now, however, after a good 40 years in the works, sexual enhanced features for “pleasure-purposes” may become a spike of trend for newly engagement with strangers over the digital world through mature dating apps or for adult dating apps. What the specifically means is that users can kiss in real-time via virtual reality.

50 Year From Now

After so much innovation has surpassed through the difficult tasks that may had seemed impossible to ever achieve, social dating apps and common dating apps may become primary sources as per to how people may socialize and engage for a personal-romantic- relationship.

With today’s sophisticated individuals whom strive hard to attain professionalism, could set new norms and standardization on how humans engage with each other, especially under the attempt to attain a love-partner. We could end up seeing a very frail sense of communicational skills and socialism in our community. In fact, it’s greatly thought of the fact that our future will be extremely sophisticated and will remain in a professional environment at all times. If this is to happen, such would cause the elimination of the classical ways of how we associate ourselves in groups and other social activities in order that we gain social and romantic-love affairs.

The Crazy Future Of Automated Delivery Services

The world of delivery is continuously changing and producing new technologies that will revolutionize the way that our products are delivered to us on our doorsteps. At this point it can be difficult to understand completely where the future of delivery is headed, however; a huge number of companies are constantly looking to try out new strategies and technologies to help streamline their driver delivery apps.

Even today, quite a few companies such as Ocado and Uber have been exploring different ways to use driverless cars to control delivery. This technique is impressive but is not as reliable as an app for delivery driver.

In this article you’ll can take a look at the future of delivery websites to see where the yet to come delivery options lie and move beyond standard delivery options and driver deliver apps. Without any further ado, let’s dive in and talk about the technologies that are set on to revolutionizing the delivery app jobs provided by standard delivery.

  • Drone Delivery

One of the major advancements made in the genre of driver delivery app is the use of drone to deliver parcels. Companies such as Amazon Air are now looking forward to having their parcels delivered using this new service; they are looking forward to improving the reliability of this service as well as the speed at which this new technology deliver packages.

Even though there are certain restrictions with this technology such as the amount of space available for the drone to land properly, carrying lightweight products, they can only fly properly in good weather conditions, delivery has to be done by daylight, and you will have to live within the range of an Amazon store. Nonetheless, this delivery service can be the start of something very new and different; all you’ll have to do is log on to your app for delivery driver and get a drone to deliver your products within minutes.

  • New Cargo Delivery System

This complicated vision is nicknamed “The Vision Van” and was presented by Mercedes in January. The idea behind The Vision Van is to reduce the time that sorting out the packages take and instead focuses on delivering the packages, organizing them and preparing these packages for manual deliver on time.

This delivery van will be controlled using a joystick and will be powered by electricity. However, this is not all; this van will also contain two drones along with it that will help deliver different parcels through air as well. Instead of downloading a driver delivery app for standard delivery you can get an automated van along with a drone.

  • The Mole

Even with drones and automated vans, the most mind-blowing system that leaves behind driver delivery app is “The Mole.” This is a concept that has been developed in United Kingdom, and this concept relies entirely on a network of underground pipelines and the Royal Mail system. This concept will help you to avoid any kind of traffic and is designed to help deliver a large number of products to suppliers and businesses without being late.

If this concept becomes successful, then you will not only be able to save your cost but also sidestep problems such as traffic congestion.

With robots coming on the road very soon and driverless cars being able to dominate the traffic along with underground mailing system to help deliver products to your doors; technology is surely moving forward and providing us with a future for delivery. Even though it is highly unlikely that any of these technologies will be able to make apps for delivery driver to disappear, you could one day see a need for the Royal Mail delivery system in the future.


Instead of being depending on the future delivery services and worrying about its reliability, why not enjoy the best delivery app today. You can download Udely and be your own boss and work for yourself as an independent contractor. This new delivery driver jobs app helps you to list your own products and also manage your own schedule.

You can get paid for the deliveries and control your own wages and hours. This delivery driver job app helps you to be in charge of your own income, your own products and services and also work on your own timings. You can sell pizza, flowers, alcohols or any other product that you want through their automated services and enjoy growing your small business to a large one.

7 Apps To Build Vocabulary

Isn’t it frustrating when we come across a word we are not familiar with? Luckily, we all roam about with a smartphone in our hand and we can search for the meaning instantly using different tutor apps. Vocabulary is one of the things that must be polished as it portrays a part of your personality and your learning spectrum. It has been generally believed that people with good vocabulary are much more confident and don’t fear interacting with strangers.

Obviously, good vocabulary isn’t just a feel-good aspect. It is imperative to be able to understand more proficiently and communicate effectively.  Vast vocabulary allows you to be more meaningful with your message. For people who possess good vocabulary, there are less chances to be misunderstood. And no matter what your job title is, using the right words can also help you minimize the potential gray areas known to disrupt communication.

Do you want to increase your vocabulary without spending a lot of time? Look for a tutor app that teaches you the right vocabulary words to increase your word knowledge and become a wordsmith today!


While you can look up a random dictionary for a new word every day and test yourself, using tutor apps can help you utilize different tools that makes this process of remembering words easier. These vocabulary building apps will not only increase your vocabulary but will also boost your confidence level up. Let’s checkout these apps and improve our vocabulary spectrum today.

  • com

One of the most effective tutor apps used to increase vocabulary, Vocabulary.com not only fulfils the need of a pocket dictionary but also helps you memorize different words. This app works by giving you an option to learn the specific word. When you click “start learning this word”, it goes directly to your list of ‘Words I am Learning” list. To start using this feature, you must make an account first and sign up. Once you have signed in, you can start saving words. The app starts using the saved words in quizzes.

If you haven’t saved any word, begin by looking at the pre-crafted famous lists such as “100 words you should know before you turn 30”. Vocabulary.com can also be accessed using the web.

  • English Vocabulary Daily

The best part of all vocabulary tutor apps is that they allow you to keep a track on your progress yourself by showing results of different quizzes and tests. One such app, called English Vocabulary Daily, offers variety of categories such as General, HR, Purchasing, Management, Office, Marketing, etc. and offers you range of words according to the niche that you select. This app is the best way to polish your vocabulary in a specific niche. You can select the category and learn new words alongside their meaning and appropriate usage. This app also allows you different features such as reading, listening and variety of options within each so you can learn in the way that is most convenient for you.

  • GRE Vocabulary Builder

This app marks itself as one of the most famous vocabulary building apps because of the easy interface this app provides. This app not only teaches you new vocabulary but also keeps on testing to check how much you have polished your vocabulary skills. The app contains multiple tests and learning where the word is displayed along with its meaning. You can easily learn new words using this app because not only it displays new words with meaning, the app also gives you examples to use the word correctly in sentences. Unlike other vocabulary tutor apps, this one comes with 3 different stages. This implies that you can learn new words playfully because when you clear one quiz or level, only then it takes you to the next one.

To access this app, you need to register yourself using a valid email address. This app is available in both Android as well as iOS stores.

  • Kindle

Do you read on a kindly device? If yes, then you must have noticed a word-learning feature this app supports called Kindle Vocabulary Builder. If you turn this feature on, any word that you search during your reading will be automatically added to your word list. This is an excellent way to learn new words and build a personal vocabulary list.

  • Mangoosh Vocabulary builder

Vocabulary enhancing app introduced by Mangoosh will take you through multiple different vocabulary lists. Bearing simple and clear user interface, automatic correction for incorrect words and helping hints, this app is very straight-forward. Usage of this app has proved to be very beneficial for GRE, SAT and TOEFL students.

Mangoosh Vocabulary builder app gives you the choice of choosing the vocabulary list according to the test you want to study for (GRE, SAT or TOEFL). Each test bears multiple categories ranging from basic to advanced levels and separate levels within each category. This app tracks your progress through each level, category and test which serves as a motivational push.

  • 6Words Vocabulary builder

Another vocabulary builder app, this app lets you enhance and improve your vocabulary base. This free vocabulary tutoring app allows you to learn maximize 6 words per day. The app was built on the premise that if you learn more than 6 new words in a day, chances are you will forget almost all of them. This app allows to accumulate credit upon clearing a test which can be used as a mobile credit.

  • uVocab

uVocab is another popular vocabulary enhancing app bearing a clean, smooth and easy to use user experience. The focus of this app is to learn, practice and revise. The learning part is quite enjoyable where you get to choose the words you want to learn. Different from other vocabulary tutor apps, this app not only gives the meaning of the chosen word but also gives synonym, antonym, usage, example, etc. This app works best for people looking to learn new words with complete information.

Vocabulary builder apps help to improve your vocabulary base and make you more expressive, meaningful and confident in your communication.