7 Apps To Build Vocabulary

Isn’t it frustrating when we come across a word we are not familiar with? Luckily, we all roam about with a smartphone in our hand and we can search for the meaning instantly using different tutor apps. Vocabulary is one of the things that must be polished as it portrays a part of your personality and your learning spectrum. It has been generally believed that people with good vocabulary are much more confident and don’t fear interacting with strangers.

Obviously, good vocabulary isn’t just a feel-good aspect. It is imperative to be able to understand more proficiently and communicate effectively.  Vast vocabulary allows you to be more meaningful with your message. For people who possess good vocabulary, there are less chances to be misunderstood. And no matter what your job title is, using the right words can also help you minimize the potential gray areas known to disrupt communication.

Do you want to increase your vocabulary without spending a lot of time? Look for a tutor app that teaches you the right vocabulary words to increase your word knowledge and become a wordsmith today!


While you can look up a random dictionary for a new word every day and test yourself, using tutor apps can help you utilize different tools that makes this process of remembering words easier. These vocabulary building apps will not only increase your vocabulary but will also boost your confidence level up. Let’s checkout these apps and improve our vocabulary spectrum today.

  • com

One of the most effective tutor apps used to increase vocabulary, Vocabulary.com not only fulfils the need of a pocket dictionary but also helps you memorize different words. This app works by giving you an option to learn the specific word. When you click “start learning this word”, it goes directly to your list of ‘Words I am Learning” list. To start using this feature, you must make an account first and sign up. Once you have signed in, you can start saving words. The app starts using the saved words in quizzes.

If you haven’t saved any word, begin by looking at the pre-crafted famous lists such as “100 words you should know before you turn 30”. Vocabulary.com can also be accessed using the web.

  • English Vocabulary Daily

The best part of all vocabulary tutor apps is that they allow you to keep a track on your progress yourself by showing results of different quizzes and tests. One such app, called English Vocabulary Daily, offers variety of categories such as General, HR, Purchasing, Management, Office, Marketing, etc. and offers you range of words according to the niche that you select. This app is the best way to polish your vocabulary in a specific niche. You can select the category and learn new words alongside their meaning and appropriate usage. This app also allows you different features such as reading, listening and variety of options within each so you can learn in the way that is most convenient for you.

  • GRE Vocabulary Builder

This app marks itself as one of the most famous vocabulary building apps because of the easy interface this app provides. This app not only teaches you new vocabulary but also keeps on testing to check how much you have polished your vocabulary skills. The app contains multiple tests and learning where the word is displayed along with its meaning. You can easily learn new words using this app because not only it displays new words with meaning, the app also gives you examples to use the word correctly in sentences. Unlike other vocabulary tutor apps, this one comes with 3 different stages. This implies that you can learn new words playfully because when you clear one quiz or level, only then it takes you to the next one.

To access this app, you need to register yourself using a valid email address. This app is available in both Android as well as iOS stores.

  • Kindle

Do you read on a kindly device? If yes, then you must have noticed a word-learning feature this app supports called Kindle Vocabulary Builder. If you turn this feature on, any word that you search during your reading will be automatically added to your word list. This is an excellent way to learn new words and build a personal vocabulary list.

  • Mangoosh Vocabulary builder

Vocabulary enhancing app introduced by Mangoosh will take you through multiple different vocabulary lists. Bearing simple and clear user interface, automatic correction for incorrect words and helping hints, this app is very straight-forward. Usage of this app has proved to be very beneficial for GRE, SAT and TOEFL students.

Mangoosh Vocabulary builder app gives you the choice of choosing the vocabulary list according to the test you want to study for (GRE, SAT or TOEFL). Each test bears multiple categories ranging from basic to advanced levels and separate levels within each category. This app tracks your progress through each level, category and test which serves as a motivational push.

  • 6Words Vocabulary builder

Another vocabulary builder app, this app lets you enhance and improve your vocabulary base. This free vocabulary tutoring app allows you to learn maximize 6 words per day. The app was built on the premise that if you learn more than 6 new words in a day, chances are you will forget almost all of them. This app allows to accumulate credit upon clearing a test which can be used as a mobile credit.

  • uVocab

uVocab is another popular vocabulary enhancing app bearing a clean, smooth and easy to use user experience. The focus of this app is to learn, practice and revise. The learning part is quite enjoyable where you get to choose the words you want to learn. Different from other vocabulary tutor apps, this app not only gives the meaning of the chosen word but also gives synonym, antonym, usage, example, etc. This app works best for people looking to learn new words with complete information.

Vocabulary builder apps help to improve your vocabulary base and make you more expressive, meaningful and confident in your communication.